Tabi Thermae Thermal Inhaler

Tabi Thermae Thermal Inhaler

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Note: Aqua Natural Mineral Water not included.
The thermal inhaler TABI THERMAE is suitable for reproducing thermal treatments at home. It allows up to two continuous treatments of one liter each.
It is simple to use and fast, nebulizing one liter of thermal water in approximately 10 minutes.
Size and temperature of the nebulized particles, reflecting those produced in the spa, make the device suitable for this type of warm inhalation.
Safety and reliability are guaranteed by the TUV certification.
The water collection chamber is safely housed in the product; the mouthpiece is adjustable and ergonomic; the bottle is housed in the specific holder that is part of the housing.
The compact size and the handle make it convenient and easy to transport.
  • Brand : Flaem Nuova
  • Type : Respiratory Equipment

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