Disability Awareness: Tearing Down the Taboo Around People with Disabilities


Now more than ever, our society is becoming more diverse and inclusive of people of all shapes, sizes, and situations. However, there is still taboo around people with disabilities.Being educated and well-informed is the key to make a more accepting environment for anyone with a disability.

On that note, we have compiled these videos to spread awareness that people with disabilities are not defined by their disability. We may not be aware of it but, sometimes, they have the power to inspire us more than we know or expect. 

  • DISABILITY | How You See Me

 Video from SoulPancake | YouTube
  • My Disability Won't Stop Me From Being A Mom

Video by Al Jazeera English | YouTube
  • Disability and Child Protection | UNICEF

Video by UNICEF | YouTube
  •  Why My Disability Doesn't Stop Me From Living

Video by BuzzFeedVideo | YouTube
  • The Disability Conversation | Ben Myers | TEDxOStateU

Video by TEDx Talks | Youtube
  • Inclusion of People with Disabilities

 Video by ACT Alliance | YouTube

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