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Auto First Aid Kit Plus

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CODE: FS-576

At a plane, in a car, or in an outdoor activity, you will benefit from this first aid kit because of its versatility and preparedness. This soft-sided kit fits easily into a baggage and contains a wide variety of emergency items including bandages, ice pack, wound care products, and etc.

01. Wide Functional Bag 1pc
02. Flashlight (battery included) 1pc
03. PVC Work Glove 2 pairs
04. Cotton Work Glove 1 pair
05. Electrical Tape 1 roll
06. Tow Rope Heavy Duty 12 feet with
steel locking hooks 1pc
07. Booster Cable 8 feet, 10 gauge 200 Amp 1 pc
08. Fabric Blanket 1pc
09. Safety Candles 2pcs
10. Safety Matches 1box
11. Warning Triangle 1pair
12. Foam Kneeling Pad 1pc
13. Mini Travel First Aid Kit 1 set
( Contents including as triangular bandage, tape, scissors,CPR Mask, plaster strip and wet wipes etc 24pcs )
14. Nylon Carry Bag 1pc ( Size:30.5cm x 17cm x 22.5cm )

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