Personal First Aid Kit

Personal First Aid Kit

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CODE: FS-008

The Idea for first aid of small injuries,it contains the most frequently used plaster and dressing material, suggested for private and travel,home and do-it-yourself activities. Nylon carrying bag with multiple compartments and Black Nylon mesh zipper pockets.

1 Non-Woven Swab  4pcs
2 Band Aid Strips  5pcs
3 H Size Band Aid  4pcs
4 Large Size Band Aid  1pc
5 Wet Tissue (Soap)  3pcs
6 Wet Tissue (NaCL)  3pcs
7 Scissors  1pc
8 Adhesive Tape  1roll
9 Tweezers  1pc
10 Aluminum Foil  1pc
11 Elastic Bandage  2pcs
12 Safety Gloves  1pair
13 Triangular Bandage  1pc
14 Safety Pin  10pcs
15 PVC Bag  1pc

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