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Lightweight Transport Traveling Wheelchair

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CODE: 9001L-36

This lightweight transport wheelchair consists of folding back with rest. It is made up of steel frame or aluminum frame and fixed armrest and detachable swing-away footrest adds extra features to it.

  • Lightweight stainless aluminum travel wheelchair used in planes, trains, cars, and other public transportation.
  • Stainless aluminum cross with fast color by silver matte oxidation.
  • Flip-up PVC armrests for users to easily move from the wheelchair to the plane/train/bus/car seats.
  • Built-in durable flame retardant nylon cushion in mature-color plaids.
  • folding footrests for the smallest package and storage size.
  • Folding drop back handles for minimum package and storage size.
  • Durable, shock-absorptive 8" PVC rear wheels for the smallest package size.
  • Durable, flexible 5" PVC front wheels for travel for the smallest package size.
  • Stainless high strength arm links for front wheels.
  • Overall economical, folding configuration for the easiest transport.

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